UN Fair

The UN Fair 2008 was hosted at Oppenheimer
Strasse 34, Frankfurt am Main and was conceived by
two Städelschule students - Shane Munro and Christian
Tonner. With an overall floor area of just 12 square
meters (or 139 square feet) UN Fair 2008 was one
of the smallest international art fairs to have ever been
staged. UN Fair 2008 brought together 49 internationally
orientated commercial galleries,art institutions and
art magazines into a small venue which is located
outside of the cities considered to be major international
art capitals. The fair ran from the 7 - 10th of February
2008 and coincided with the “Rundgang” (yearly open
studios) at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main.


Participation in the UN Fair was by invitation
only. Institutions and Press received a free space.
Each gallery was charged a one-off fee of 50 Euro,
which covered administration costs. The UN Fair 2008
was a non-profit organisation.
Each gallery was allocated an A4 wall space or an
equivalent space for sculpture.